How do I configure a domain on the DNS Server?

A. A new application has been added to the Administrative Tools group, DNS Manager, to configure the domain follow the procedures below for NT 4:

  1. Start the DNS Manager (Start - Programs - Administrative Tools - DNS Manager)
  2. From the DNS menu, select New Server and enter the IP address of the DNS Server, e.g., and click OK
  3. The server will now be displayed with a CACHE sub part
  4. Next we want to add the domain, e.g., from the DNS menu, select New Zone
  5. Select Primary and click Next
  6. Enter the name, e.g., and then press tab, and it will fill in the Zone File Name and click Next
  7. Click Finish
  8. Next a zone for reverse lookups has to be created, so select New Zone from the DNS menu
  9. Select Primary and click Next, enter the name of the first 3 parts of the domain IP +, e.g. if the domain was 158.234.26, the entry would be, in my example it would be, click tab for the file name to be filled and click Next, then click Finish
  10. Add a record for the DNS server, by right clicking on the domain and select "New Record"
  11. Enter the name of the machine, e.g. BUGSBUNNY (I had a strange upbringing :-) ), and enter and IP address, e.g. and click OK
  12. If you click F5 and examine the a record has been added for BUGSBUNNY there as well

For Windows 2000 the procedure is similar but has a few changes:

  1. Start the DNS MMC snap-in (Start - Programs - Administrative Tools - MMC)
  2. Right click on the DNS server and select 'Configure the server'
  3. Click Next to the welcome screen
  4. Select Yes to create a forward lookup zone and click Next
  5. Select the type of zone. Active Directory integrated will only be available if the DNS server is also a domain controller. Select the type and click Next
  6. Enter the name for the zone, e.g. and click Next
  7. Select to create a new file and click Next
  8. Select Yes to create a reverse zone and click Next
  9. Again select the type, Active Directory integrated, standard or secondary and click Next
  10. Enter the Network ID (the first parts of your IP address) and click Next
  11. Select to create a new file and click Next
  12. Click Finish to create the zone

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