How do I configure a CE based Terminal Server client?

A. One option for Terminal Server clients is to use a "thin" client which has no disks but an embedded operating system and one such device is a Windows CE based client. The advantage is the machine has zero maintenance apart from the initial configuration. The instructions below are for the Viewpoint series from (many thanks for letting me have one to use).

When you first turn on the machine it will ask for certain details:

  1. The setup wizard will first display the product ID. Click Next
  2. Click Accept to the license agreement.
  3. You will be asked if you want to use DHCP or manual IP configuration. Click Next.
  4. If you selected manual IP configuration you will need to enter an IP address, subnet mask and a gateway. Click Next
  5. Enter DNS and WINS details. Click Next
  6. Select the Desktop resolution and click Next
  7. Click Finsh to complete

You will have no start bar, just a dialog asking for a connection to be made. You should configure sessions as you would a normal Terminal Server client by selecting the Configure tab.

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