How do I add a DWORD value from a .INF file?

A. An inf file has many uses including the creation of registry keys. Normally a string value is created but to create a DWORD use the following format:

Signature = "$Windows NT$"&#160;<br>
Provider="SavillTech Ltd"<br><br>
AddReg = AddReg<br>
DelReg = DelReg<br>
UpdateInis = UpdateInis<br><br>
\[AddReg\]<br><font color="#000080"><b>HKLM,"Software\SavillTech","A DWORD",65537,ee,ff,c0,00</b></font><br>

The important part is after the value name "A DWORD" is the type and a 0 in lowest bit means a string value, a 1 means another type. 0x10000 is a DWORD value hence 65537. The rest if the value is in four hexadecimal numbers.

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