How colors are inherited in a presentation

Color schemes are associated with the slide-title master pair. Every master pair has at least one color scheme, but most have several (up to 16). You can modify existing color schemes to create new color schemes.

You can apply any one of the available, standard color schemes to the master.

A master pair can have save up to 16 color schemes. Technically, you could reach this limit and still customize the current color scheme to create a 17th color scheme to be applied to the master, but since that color scheme does not appear in the color scheme gallery, it is a best practice to limit yourself to 16 color schemes.

When you create a slide, it inherits the color scheme applied to its master. On a slide, you can apply one of the other available standard color schemes and thereby override the color scheme of the master.

Each object you create on a slide inherits its color from the appropriate element in the slide's color scheme. You can change the color of an object and override the color that comes from the color scheme.

You can also change the color of an object or placeholder on the master. For example, you could modify the color of second-level bullets on the slide master. In this event, second-level bullets on a slide based on that master will use the color defined on the master.

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