How to Centrally Manage PowerShell DSC

How to Centrally Manage PowerShell DSC

Learn how to centralize DSC management and reporting.

Q. How can I centrally manage PowerShell DSC?

A. PowerShell DSC can run in a push or pull mode. When using the push mode, it is necessary to manually apply configurations. The pull mode enables a DSC server to be configured that contains the MOF files that will be used by other machines; the machines then pull their configuration from the central pull server. There is an additional feature required for a server to act as a PowerShell DSC pull server that is part of Windows Server 2012 R2, DSC-Service.

Microsoft has step-by-step guidance on configuring a pull server with a DSC module at  which aids in the configuration of the pull server. System Center Central also offers information for creating a pull server.

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