How can a user request an EFS recovery certificate?

A. To request a EFS certificate you first need the domain to have a trusted list of Certificate Authorities and the user needs to be a domain Administrator.

  1. Start the MMC console (Start - Run - MMC.EXE)
  2. From the Console menu select 'Add/Remove Snap-in...'
  3. Click Add
  4. Select Certificates and click Add
  5. Select 'My user account' and click Finish
  6. Click Close
  7. Click OK to the main dialog
  8. Expand the Certificates root and right click on Personal
  9. Select 'Request New Certificate' from the 'All Tasks' menu
  10. Click Next to the Certificate Request Wizard
  11. Select 'EFS Recovery Agent' and click Next
  12. Enter a friendly name and description. Click Next
  13. Click Finish the summary dialog
  14. Click 'Install Certificate'. Click OK

You will now have a File Recovery certificate under the Personal\Certificates folder.

TAGS: Windows 8
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