How can I use Lotus Notes for SQL Mail?

A. Full credit for this entry goes to Ted Malone.

You have 2 options for Notes and SQLmail interoperability - without using SMTP, but we'll assume you want to go to Notes directly.

1) Use the standard NOTES client on the server
2) Use Microsoft Outlook and install the Notes Service

For option 1 :-

1) Create a mapping between the MSSQLSERVER and SQLSERVERAGENT NT account(s) and a Notes mailbox
2) Log on to the SQL Server as the MSSQLSERVER account (Note you cannot use LocalSystem)
3) Install the Notes MAPI Service
4) Install the Notes Client (Make sure you install Notes MAPI first, or it WILL NOT WORK!)
5) Install the latest MAPI dlls (MAPI32.DLL and MAPI.DLL in <NT>\SYSTEM32)
6) Launch Notes Client and Configure your Mailbox
7) Take note of the Notes MAPI profile name (Should be the same as your user, but you never know)
8) REBOOT the server (Weird, but you have to do it)
9) Log in as same account from above step 2
10) Launch SQL EM\
11) Configure SQLMail or SQLagentmail as appropriate
12) Log Off

For option 2 the steps are the same except step 3 is not needed and the mapi dll's (step 5) will already be there.

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