How can I use directory import to create mailboxes?

A. The key to successfully using the directory import tool in Microsoft Exchange Server to create new mailboxes is setting up the right options file. You must use an options file to tell Exchange Administrator what options to use; if you're creating new Windows NT accounts along with the mailboxes, you must ensure that the PDC for the domain is available. You also have to be precise about where you do the import—on the server where you want the new mailboxes to reside. (If you're creating new NT accounts as part of your mailbox import process, be aware that account creation will slow down the overall process quite a bit.) Take a look at an example options file:


The options file tells Exchange Administrator that I want to use NT security on the files, that I want to create new NT accounts for the new mailboxes, and that I don't want to generate random passwords. The accounts will all go in the remote automation (RA) domain. Let's see what the actual import file might look like:

Obj-Class,Mode,Directory Name,Alias Name,Display Name,E-
Mail Address,Home-Server
Mailbox,Create,Jason McNamara,jason,Jason
McNamara,SMTP:[email protected],HSV1

Note that the above example file specifies a mode, and that for each recipient, the file contains a directory name, a display name, an alias, an email address, and a home server. You must have all of this information. You can specify more attributes if you'd like, or you can specify that a recipient template in the import options file let Exchange Administrator copy the account details for you.

(This material is excerpted from Managing Microsoft Exchange Server, ISBN 1565925459, and appears courtesy of the publisher, O'Reilly & Associates.)

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