How can I uninstall IIS 4.0 and Option Pack 4?

A. Knowledge Base article Q244988 ( describes the procedure excellently. Below is a summary of what you need to do:

  1. If using SQL back it up
  2. Stop and reset the startup type for IIS services and all other nonessential services, including but not limited to third-party products, all Exchange services, and SQL services to manual (Start - Settings - Control Panel - Services - Startup)
  3. Reboot the server
  4. Before removing IIS, remove FrontPage Server Extensions if they are in use (Start - Programs - WIndows NT 4.0 Option Pack - Microsoft Internet Information Server - FrontPage Server Administrator - Uninstall)
  5. Remove the Windows NT Option Pack (Start - Programs - Windows NT4.0 Option Pack- Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack Setup - Select Remove All)
  6. Delete the IUSR_computer and IWAM_computer accounts from within Windows NT User Manager (USRMGR.EXE)
  7. Run the DCOMCNFG utility and set the Default Impersonation Level to Identify (run DCOMCNFG.EXE, select Properties, in Default Impersonation Level box, click Identify)
  8. Restart the computer.
  9. Run RDISK to create a new ERD
  10. Reinstall the latest Windows NT Service Pack.
  11. Restart the computer.
  12. Run RDISK again (to a different disk or share)
  13. Clear out the event logs in Windows NT using Event Viewer (Start - Programs - Administrative Tools - Event Viewer)
  14. Download and install the latest version of the Microsoft Data Access Components (from
  15. If SQL is installed run the SQL Setup program and choose the Update option. 
  16. Reset the startup type of the services previously stopped to Automatic, and then start the services one program grouping at a time, to make sure that they start correctly.
  17. If SQL is installed run the SQL admin and restore the databases from the backup you created in step 1.

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