How can I tell which files have been moved to remote storage?

A. Files that have been moved to remote storage have a small clock icon on them which means they have been moved to remote storage.

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When you access the files it will be fetched from remote storage and a dialog will be displayed showing progress.

From the command prompt you can tell as the file size is in a bracket, e.g.

F:\NT FAQ Book>dir
Volume in drive F is Archive
Volume Serial Number is D44C-7669

Directory of F:\NT FAQ Book

30/06/1999 13:59 <DIR> .
30/06/1999 13:59 <DIR> ..
05/02/1999 16:58 1,618 2000only.tif
05/02/1999 16:57 1,758 4&5.tif
05/02/1999 16:58 1,638 40only.tif
04/01/1999 15:36 (281,088) appendixa.doc
04/01/1999 15:38 (310,272) appendixb.doc
09/02/1999 12:42 1,050,246 book cover.bmp
23/02/1999 15:47 (297,472) btoc.doc
04/01/1999 15:35 (279,552) dedication.doc

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