How can I tell which boot method my DNS service uses?

A. Windows can store DNS start-up information in one of three possible locations. The OS records the location in the DNS BootMethod registry subkey by using the following values:

  • 1—In a BIND-style file (%SystemRoot%\System32\DNS\Boot); the system still checks the registry for missing data in the file. Windows 2000 DNS doesn't support this option.
  • 2—In the registry.
  • 3—In both the registry and Active Directory (AD).
To check the BootMethod registry subkey to see which location your DNS service uses, perform the following steps (don't modify the value):
  1. Start regedit.exe.
  2. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\DNS.
  3. View the BootMethod value and compare it to the three options listed above.
  4. Close regedit.

Note that if you upgrade from Windows NT 4.0 to Win2K, you need to check this value after the upgrade. If you haven't applied Service Pack 4 (SP4) to NT 4.0, the system should use an alternate key, EnableRegistryBoot, until the DNS service populates the correct key.

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