How can I stop the installation of Exchange during NT installation?

A. Its possible to configure applications to either be installed as

  • Manual only
  • Typical or custom
  • Typical, custom or portable

This can be done by editing the corresponding .inf file for the application. The list of .inf files are listed in syssetup.inf:

  • accessor.inf
  • communic.inf
  • games.inf
  • imagevue.inf
  • mmopt.inf
  • multimed.inf
  • optional.inf
  • pinball.inf
  • wordpad.inf

Many .inf files have multiple applications defined in it and are shown with \[<application>\]

  1. Copy the I386 folder from the NT installation CD to a harddisk
  2. Expand the .inf file you want to edit and rename the original name
    C:\I386> expand accessor.in_ accessor.inf
    C:\I386> rename accessor.in_ accessor.sav
  3. Use Notepad to open the file <name>.inf file
  4. Find the section for the application, e.g. \[CLOCK\] in accessor.inf
  5. Find the InstallType line and change to
    0 for Manual only
    10 for Typical or Custom
    14 for Typical, Custom or Portable
    For example
    IconIndex=66 ;Windows mini-icon for dialogs
    InstallType=14 ;Typical, Portable, Custom
  6. Save the file
  7. Install as normal

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