How can I stop Exchange messages line wrapping?

A. By default the Internet Mail Connector will wrap lines at a certain point however it is possible to set it to not wrap as follows:

  1. Logon to the Exchange server
  2. Start the registry editor (regedit.exe)
  3. Move to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\MSexchangeIMC\Paramaters
  4. Set EnableMimeWrap to 0
  5. Set UseRTFText to 0
  6. Go to the internet mail connector, goto tab internet mail > advanced options at wordwrap type zero, ignore the popup that claims only valeus (1-999) are legal. After that set it back to never.
  7. Restart the IMC
    net stop ExchangeIMC
    net start ExchangeIMC
  8. Lines will no longer wrap automatically

Below is some extra information on the EnableMimeWrap and UseRTFText registry keys:

Two registry values exist under the Internet Mail Connector's Parameters key to provide control over the Internet Mail Connector 's word- wrap and text quoting behavior. The first, UseRTFText, is a DWORD value that specifies if reply and forward text will be quoted in outgoing non- TNEF. If it is enabled (non-zero), Internet style quoting is applied to reply and forward text by inserting a ">" character before each line. If UseRTFText is disabled (set to zero or not present), no Internet style quoting is applied. UseRTFText is enabled by default.

The second registry value is EnableMIMEWrap. This is a DWORD value that controls word-wrap in outgoing non-TNEF MIME messages. If it is enabled, lines in MIME messages are wrapped at a fixed column. If EnableMIMEWrap is disabled (and UseRTFText is also disabled), lines are wrapped using quoted printable encoding. MIME enabled readers will unwrap the lines, restoring the original text flow, but users with non-MIME readers will see a "=" character appended to each wrapped line of text. EnableMIMEWrap is enabled by default.

Note that UseRTFText also affects word-wrap. If enabled, text lines in all non-TNEF messages are wrapped at a fixed column, regardless of the setting of EnableMIMEWrap. The word-wrap setting for non-MIME messages on the Internet Mail Connector properties in Microsoft Exchange Server Administrator program is ignored.

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