How can I schedule disk defragmentation in Windows 2000?

A. Win2K includes a disk defragmentation program that you access via its Microsoft Management Console (MMC) front-end interface. However, you can't schedule a disk defrag with the scheduler service because the defrag program has no command-line interface.

Winternals has released Defrag Commander 2000, a bolt-on to the Win2K disk defrag program that lets you schedule defrags. It doesn't replace the Win2K defrag program; it simply lets you schedule its execution.

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Winternals has also released Defrag Commander NE, which lets you schedule defrags on remote computers (Win2K machines require no extra software; Windows Millennium Edition—Windows Me—and Windows 98 require a small client installation). Defrag Commander NE works not only with the Win2K built-in defrag program but also with Diskeeper Professional.

See for more information.

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