How can I resolve Device Manager errors in Windows 2000 and later?

A. The Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Device Manager snap-in contains information about the devices on your system. If a device isn't working correctly, you'll see a yellow icon with an exclamation point (!) next to the device. If you right-click the device and select Properties, Windows will display the actual error message with an error code. The most common error codes and a suggested approach for resolving each problem are as follows:

  • Code 1--Select the Driver tab, click Update Driver, then install an updated driver for the device (you should obtain the new driver from the manufacturer's Web site and ensure that your version of Windows supports the hardware).
  • Code 3--This error can result from a lack of system resources. Check Task Manager to ensure that the system isn't low on memory. If the system has adequate memory available, the device driver might be corrupt, which might cause the device to think it needs more memory than it actually requires. Follow the steps for code 1 to replace the driver.
  • Code 10--Select the Driver tab, click Update Driver, then select "Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)" and manually select the correct driver.
  • Code 12--This error occurs because the hardware conflicts with another device. From the device Properties dialog box, select the Resources tab to view the conflicting device in the "Conflicting device list" at the bottom of the screen. Remove the conflicting device, then re-add the device to see whether that device requests a different, nonconflicting resource. If these steps don't resolve the error, you'll need to manually assign resources for the two conflicting devices.
  • Code 14--Restart the computer.
  • Code 16--From the device Properties dialog box, select the Resources tab. If you see a question mark (?) next to one of the resources assigned to the device, select that resource to assign. If you can't change the resource, click Change Settings. If Change Settings is unavailable, try clearing the "Use automatic settings" check box to make Change Settings available. If the device isn't Plug and Play (PnP), check the hardware documentation for more information.
  • Code 22--The device is disabled; From the device Properties dialog box, click Enable Device.

For any code not listed, the best approach is to follow the steps for code 1 to update the driver.

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