How can I resolve 2351 and 2355 errors that I receive while installing software from a CD-ROM?

A. When you install software from a CD-ROM that uses the Windows Installer Setup engine, you might receive either of the following errors:

  • Internal Error 2351: Please contact product support for assistance.
  • Internal Error 2355: Please contact product support for assistance.

These errors are the result of a bug that causes a problem when the Setup engine extracts files from the compressed cabinet format (CAB) file on the CD-ROM. To resolve this problem, you need to install the latest Windows OS service pack (Microsoft first addressed this problem by including a fix in Windows 2000 Service Pack 2--SP2). As a workaround, you can copy the contents of the CD-ROM to the local hard disk and attempt installation or you can attempt to boot into safe mode before performing the installation.

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