How can I remove the Windows 2000 or later Recovery Console (RC)?

A. To remove a locally installed RC, perform the following steps:

  1. Open Windows Explorer.
  2. Ensure that you can view hidden files (go to Tools, Folder Options; select the View tab; select "Show hidden files and folders"; then clear "Hide protected operating system files").
  3. Select the root of the partition on which the RC is installed, then delete the Cmdcons folder and the Cmldr file.
  4. Right-click boot.ini on the system partition, select Properties from the context menu, then clear the "Read-only" check box.
  5. Open boot.ini in Notepad.
  6. Remove the line
    C:\cmdcons\bootsect.dat="Microsoft Windows 2000 Recovery Console" /cmdcons 
  7. Save the boot.ini file, then close it.
  8. Open Windows Explorer, right-click boot.ini again, select Properties from the context menu, then select the "Read-only" check box.
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