How can I load a SoftGrid application entirely into cache?

A. Typically, on first execution of virtualized applications, SoftGrid downloads and caches Feature Block 1 (FB1), which is the data necessary to initially launch the application. SoftGrid pulls down the rest of the application in chunks on demand. To cache the entire application, right-click the application in the MMC SoftGrid Client Management snap-in; in the Applications navigation node, right-click the application and choose the option to fully cache it, then select Load from the context menu.

To load the application from the command line, use the sfttray.exe application. Add the /load switch and either the application name or the .osd file name of the application. For example,

sfttray.exe /load "Microsoft Word 10.0.6612.0"

To load all applications, use the /loadall option.

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