How can I install using the Remote Installation Service disk?

A. To install using the RIS disk perform the following:

  1. Insert the RIS disk
  2. Reboot the computer
  3. Upon reboot it will boot off of the disk and you should press F12 for a network book
  4. A DHCP address will be negotiated and a welcome screen shown. Press Enter
  5. Enter a username, password and domain. The user must have the "logon as batch" user right only if installing a version of Windows 2000 older than Release Candidate 1.
    Client Installation Wizard<br><br>
        Type a valid user name, password and domain name. You may use the<br>
        Internet-style logon format (for example: <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a>).<br><br>
        User name: \[savillj&#160;&#160; \]<br>
        Password: \[pass\]<br>
        Domain name: \[\]
  6. Depending on the options configured in the group policy object you may have options to:
    - Automatic Setup
    - Custom Setup
    - Restart a Previous Setup Attempt
    Press Enter
  7. If you have more than one client image you can select the image to install. Press Enter
  8. A warning that all data will be deleted will be shown. Press Enter
  9. The computer account name and a Global Unique ID will be shown. To start installation press Enter
  10. The normal installation actions of NTDETECT will start and NT installation commence

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