How can I install the first Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 system in my Exchange Server 5.5 environment?

A. Before you can install an Exchange 2003 server in an Exchange 5.5 environment, you must perform several tasks: Run the DomainPrep and ForestPrep utilities; configure the Active Directory Connector (ADC); and prepare the OS for a typical installation by ensuring ASP.NET, the Windows .NET Framework, and the Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP), SMTP, and Web services are installed. After you finish these tasks, you can install an Exchange 2003 server by performing the following tasks:

  1. Start the Exchange deployment tools by inserting the Exchange 2003 CD-ROM and selecting Exchange Deployment Tools from the Exchange 2003 dialog box.
  2. When the Exchange Server Deployment Tools Wizard starts, click "Deploy the first Exchange 2003 server."
  3. Click "Coexistence with Exchange 5.5," click Next to move to Phase 2 of the wizard, then click Next again to move to Phase 3 of the wizard.
  4. I recommend running SetupPrep to ensure that you've completed all preparatory steps. Select the check box for Step 1 of Phase 3 of the wizard, which this figure shows.
  5. Enter the Exchange 5.5 server name, the Global Catalog (GC) server name, and a log-file path, then click "Run SetupPrep now."
  6. Open the exdeploy.log and orgnamecheck.log files and review the log contents to ensure that SetupPrep didn't encounter any errors.
  7. Move to Step 3 of Phase 3, then click "Run Setup now."
  8. Click Next to move past the introduction page of the Microsoft Exchange Installation Wizard.
  9. Select "I agree" to the license, then click Next.
  10. The installation wizard defaults to selecting a Typical installation. Click Next.
  11. Select "Join or upgrade an existing Exchange 5.5 Organization," then click Next.
  12. When prompted, enter the Exchange 5.5 server name, then click Next.
  13. Click OK to tell the installation wizard to proceed with tests to ensure that the Exchange 2003 server can be introduced into the organization.
  14. After the installation wizard finishes the tests, click "I agree that I have read and will be bound by the license agreements for this product" and click Next.
  15. When prompted, enter the service account password used for Exchange 5.5, then click Next.
  16. Click Next to move past the installation summary.
  17. The installation wizard will begin installing the Exchange 2003 server and display its progress onscreen. After the server installation is complete, click Finish.

Your Exchange 2003 server will appear in the list of servers, and you can start moving mailboxes and services as required. If you follow the remaining steps of the Exchange Deployment Tools Wizard, you should change your connection agreements to replicate to the new Exchange 2003 server, then run the validation tools outlined in step 5 of the wizard.

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