How can I install Automated Deployment Services (ADS)?

A. You can install ADS only on Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition, or Windows 2003, Datacenter Edition. ADS also requires access to a Microsoft SQL Server database or a local Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE) database. After you've met these requirements, you can download the ADS software from the Microsoft Web site.

After you download the software, execute the self-extracting downloaded file (by default, the file extracts to the C:\ADS folder). The software automatically starts a wizard to guide you through the installation process. When you run the wizard, you can opt to install the MSDE engine and the ADS Administration Agent.

During installation, the wizard prompts you to provide the Windows 2003 installation CD-ROM, so ensure that you have it to hand. To install ADS, perform the following steps:

  1. After you execute the downloaded file, navigate to the ADS folder and execute Adssetup.exe.
  2. Click Install Automated Deployment Services, assuming you've already installed SQL Server or MSDE.
  3. Click Next when you see the ADS Install Wizard welcome screen.
  4. Click "I accept the terms of the license agreement" on the license page, then click Next.
  5. Under Setup type, select Full Install and click Next.
  6. Select your database type (if you use SQL Server, enter the name of the machine to use), select the appropriate option to create a new database, then click Next.
  7. For the Network Boot Service (NBS) settings, select "Prompt for the path when required."
  8. For the Image Location service settings, select the path you want and click Next.
  9. If you have more than one IP address, ADS asks which one you want to use for ADS device communication. Click Next.
  10. Click Install at the summary screen.

ADS is now installed, and you're ready to configure and add devices.

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