How can I display all drivers on a Windows XP or later system from the command line?

A. XP and later OSs come with a utility called Driverquery that lets you display information about all drivers on the system. From the command prompt, type


To see a list of all applicable options, type

driverquery /? 

To have the utility return more information about the drivers, enable verbose mode by typing

driverquery /v

You can also display the information in various formats. For example, to output the driver details in comma-separated value (CSV) format to ease the process of importing the data into a spreadsheet, type

driverquery /fo csv

When I run this command, my system displays

"Module Name","Display Name","Driver Type","Link Date"
"ac97intc","Intel(r) 82801 Audio Driver Install Service (WDM)","Kernel ","19/07/2001 23:43:40"
"ACPI","Microsoft ACPI Driver","Kernel ","29/08/2002 09:09:03"
"ACPIEC","ACPIEC","Kernel ","17/08/2001 21:57:55"
"adpu160m","adpu160m","Kernel ","30/05/2001 10:18:22"
"aec","Microsoft Kernel Acoustic Echo Canceller","Kernel ","12/08/2002 18:54:24"

"AFD","AFD Networking Support Environment","Kernel ","29/08/2002 10:01:13"
"agp440","Intel AGP Bus Filter","Kernel ","17/08/2001 21:57:59"

Also, be aware that several of the switches (i.e., /s, /u, and /p) let you execute the command against a remote system.

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