How can I disable remote storage for a volume?

A. If you decide you want to disable the use of remote storage and instead just want normal file storage you can disable using the following procedure. You must decide if you wish to copy back any files that have been stored on remote storage of leave them on tape.

  1. Start the Remote Storage MMC (Start - Programs - Administrative Tools - Remote Storage)
  2. Select 'Managed Volumes'
  3. Right click on the volume you wish to disable remote storage for and select "Remove"
  4. Click Next to the removal wizard
  5. Select if you wish to move files stored on remote storage back to the disk or leave them on tape but no new files will be moved. Select the recall option and click Next
    Click here to view image
  6. Click Yes to the confirmation
  7. Click Finish to the final wizard screen

A red cross will be displayed next to the volume while the files are recalled from tape. Once the files are fully restored the volume will be removed from the window.

TAGS: Windows 8
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