How can I determine whether the Exchange Server 2003 ForestPrep and DomainPrep tasks have run?

A. You can use the Exchange Server Deployment Tools to ensure that the ForestPrep and DomainPrep tasks have run by performing the following steps:

  1. Start the deployment tools by inserting the Exchange 2003 CD-ROM and selecting Exchange Deployment Tools from the Exchange 2003 dialog box.
  2. When the Exchange Server Deployment Tools Wizard starts, click "Deploy the first Exchange 2003 server."
  3. Click "Coexistence with Exchange 5.5," then click Next to start Phase 2: Prepare Active Directory (AD).
  4. Step 3 of Phase 2 starts the Organization Preparation Checks (OrgPrepCheck) procedure, which performs checks to ensure that the schema and domains are ready. Enter the Exchange 5.5 Server name, the Global Catalog (GC) server name, and a path to a location for the log files that the process will generate, as this figure shows, then click "Run OrgPrepCheck now."
  5. Close the Exchange Server Deployment Tools window.
  6. Look in the log-file storage location that you specified in Step 4 for a file called exdeploy.log. If you haven't run the ForestPrep or DomainPrep tasks, the content of the file will look similar to
      #*** Exdeploy began: 01/03/2004 03:25:48 ***#
      + Exchange 5.5 Server: vm2000srvexch5:1389
      + Global Catalog Server: vm2000srvexch5
      + Tools run: PolCheck, and OrgCheck.
      + Preparing Active Directory for Exchange Server 2003 (OrgPrepCheck)
      - Organization Readiness Check (OrgCheck)
      OrgCheck verifies the Exchange extensions to the Active Directory
      schema, checks the existence and membership of the Exchange Domain
      Servers group and Exchange Enterprise servers group, and checks that
      a global catalog server is available in a domain in which DomainPrep
      has been run.
      Error: OrgCheck could not find the Exchange Enterprise Servers group
      'cn=Exchange Enterprise Servers,cn=Users,DC=test,DC=local' in Active
      Warning: The Exchange Domain Servers group 'cn=Exchange Domain
      Servers,cn=Users,DC=test,DC=local' does not contain the local
      computer 'CN=VM2000SRVEXCH5,OU=Domain Controllers,DC=test,DC=local'.
      If the local computer is not running Exchange Server 2003, this is
      not a problem.
      Error: OrgCheck detected that either ForestPrep or DomainPrep have
      not been run yet in this domain, or that there is no available global
      catalog server in this domain.
      - Policy Check (PolCheck)
      PolCheck verifies that the necessary permissions are configured
      correctly on domain controllers. Details are logged to exdeploy-
      Warning: Possible error string 'Abnormal exit from PolicyTest'
      detected in policytest output.
      Error: PolCheck found a problem with permissions given to Exchange
      Server 2003 computers in your Active Directory.
      #*** Exdeploy finished: 01/03/2004 03:25:49 ***#

When you have run the ForestPrep and DomainPrep tasks, the file won't contain the error and warning messages, but will instead include the messages "OrgCheck completed successfully" and "PolCheck completed successfully."

Note that when you run OrgPrepCheck multiple times, it doesn't delete the existing log file. Instead, OrgPrepCheck appends new log information to the existing file if a file named exdeploy.log exists in the location you specified for the log file creation. You can start OrgPrepCheck from the command line using the command

<CD-ROM drive>:\support\exdeploy\exdeploy.exe /gc: /s: /t:orgprepcheck

For example, if I type

d:\support\exdeploy\exdeploy /gc:vm2000srvexch5 /s:vm2000srvexch5:1389 /t:orgprepcheck

OrgPrepCheck will create the log files on the system drive in the ExDeploy Logs folder.

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