How can I create shortcut on the desktop with the "to" field completed?

A. As you may be aware, if you enter the command
exchng32 /n
This creates a blank new message, however it is not possible to specify a qualifier containing information to the content. A workaround to this is the following

  1. Start Exchange/Outlook and create a new message
  2. Fill in information for the to: field, cc: field etc.
  3. Instead of sending select Save As from the file menu
  4. Select the Save As type as "Message Format" and enter a file name and location (the default extension is .msg). Click Save
  5. Start Explorer (Win Key + E, or Start - Programs - Explorer)
  6. Move to the directory you saved the Message Format file to and right click on the file
  7. While holding down the right mouse button drag to the desktop and release the button, from the context menu displayed select "Create shortcut here"

If you now double click on the desktop message icon it will create a new message which you can edit and then send with information already filled in!

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