How can I create the Recovery Storage Group in Microsoft Exchange Server 2003?

A. To create the Recovery Storage Group, perform the following steps:

  1. Start the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Exchange System Management snap-in (go to Start, Programs, Microsoft Exchange, and click Exchange System Manager).
  2. Expand the tree until you reach your server (e.g., <Organization>, Administrative Groups, <Administrative Group Name>, Servers, <Server name>).
  3. Right-click the server, then select New, Recovery Storage Group from the context menu, as this figure shows.
  4. From here, you can select the location for the transaction and database files only. Click OK.
  5. When the snap-in displays the new storage group titled Recovery Storage Group, right-click the new storage group and select "Add Database to Recover."
  6. The snap-in will display a list of mailbox databases. (Be aware that you can't use the Recovery Storage Group to restore Public Folder content.) Select the database, then click OK.
  7. Enter a name for this recovery database. From here you can also use the Database tab to set paths for the files. Click OK.

You can now use this database to restore a backup (you should restore the log files and mail store). The content will be automatically restored to the Recovery Storage Group rather than the original storage group. For performance reasons, create the Recovery Storage Group on the original Exchange server that houses the data you're restoring.

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