How can I create a command-prompt session inside Windows Explorer?

A. In two previous FAQs ("How can I open a command prompt at my current directory in Explorer" and "How can I open a command prompt at my current drive in Explorer"), I looked at the Command Here option, which lets you select a folder in Windows Explorer and start a command-prompt session at that location. Thanks to the Microsoft .NET platform, you can now start a command-prompt session within the Windows Explorer window. You can download this add-on feature, known as the Command Prompt Explorer Bar. To use this feature, you need to install the .NET Framework, which you can download from Microsoft's Web site.

After you install the Command Prompt Explorer Bar, press Ctrl+M to start a command-prompt window in the selected folder or select Command Prompt from the View, Explorer Bar menu. When you change folders in Windows Explorer, the command session will automatically move to the current folder.

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