How can I connect to SQL Server from a Macintosh?

A. It appears that the Microsoft provided driver with Office for the Macintosh no longer works with SQL 7.0. It works fine with SQL 6.5 and below. Your options are :-

1. They produce a DAL/ODBC DBMS called PrimeBase that can be used to front-end other ODBC applications.

2. There are 32-bit 680x0 ODBC drivers on the Visual FoxPro for Power Macintosh CD version 3.0. The 32-bit drivers (v2.11 from Visigenic, v6.0b3 of the SQL Server driver). These work with 16-bit FoxPro 2.6a as well. One issue is that on MacOS 8.5.1, you get Type 1, Type 3 or Type 10 errors when you quit the FoxPro 2.6, BUT if you compile a 680x0 executable it works ok.

3. You can also get Mac drivers from

4. has an SDK

5. allegedly have a free add-on run on the server to make old clients connect ok


v1.07 2000.02.04
Applies to SQL Server versions : All
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