How can I compress my DHCP database?

A. NT Server ships with a utility called JETPACK.EXE which can be used to compact DHCP and WINS databases. To compact your DHCP database perform the following:

  1. Start a command prompt (cmd.exe)
  2. Enter the following commands
    cd %SystemRoot%\SYSTEM32\DHCP
    e.g. cd d:\winnt\system32\dhcp
    net stop DHCPSERVER
    jetpack DHCP.MDB TMP.MDB
    net start DHCPSERVER

Note: While you stop the DHCP service, clients using DHCP to receive a TCP/IP address will not be able to start this protocol and may hang.

Jetpack actually compacts DHCP.MDB into TMP.MDB, then deletes DHCP.MDB and copies TMP.MDB to DHCP.MDB! Simple :-)

For more information, see Knowledge base article Q145881 at

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