How can I check which hotfixes a remote system has installed?

A. The CmdInfo command-line utility lists installed hotfixes and provides full Windows XP support. CmdInfo 2.4 is available at To use the utility to view a list of hotfixes on a remote system, go to a command prompt and enter

 cmdinfo \\<remote system name> 

When I check the remote system called titanic-dc, I see the information that Figure 1 shows. CmdInfo can also check for a particular hotfix and return a value based on whether the hotfix is installed. For example, if you enter

 cmdinfo /ht:Q293826 
and hotfix Q293826 is installed, CmdInfo returns a 1 for %errorlevel%. If the hotfix isn't installed, CmdInfo returns a 0. You can include the cmdinfo /ht:KBarticle statement in a logon script that determines whether a hotfix is installed and, if not, triggers an action to install the hotfix. In addition to hotfix information, CmdInfo’s return values can identify current activation status, trial version, and other displayed information.
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