How can I automatically create DLs?

A. For Microsoft Exchange Server, most administrators create distribution lists (DLs) manually. If you have only a small number of DLs, that solution works. At some point, however, taking this approach leads to DL fatigue brought on by excessive trips into Exchange Administrator to add, remove, or modify the contents of a particular DL. You can try either of these potential solutions, depending on what you want to do:

  • Create DLs from a predefined list
    Let's say you have a list of names that came from your human resources (HR) database, and you want to assemble the names into a DL. Using Exchange Administrator's directory import and export commands is the easiest way to make this DL. Use the create mode, and specify that you want to add a DL, using a header such as "insert code here."

  • Create DLs based on group membership or some other directory attribute

  • You can create the DL yourself with Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) or Collaboration Data Objects (CDO), but that's a lot more effort than most people want to expend. Instead, you can use a tool called the Rule-Based Distribution List (RBDL), which is included in the Microsoft BackOffice Resource Kit (BORK). Microsoft doesn't officially support RBDL, and it doesn't always work.)
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