How can I administer my IIS server using a web browser?

A. IIS comes with a built in HTML version of Internet Service Manager, with an address of /iisadmin/default.htm. It does have to be installed.

To check if its installed start the browser and move to the \iisadmin\default.htm and if you see the Internet Server Manager page but with no graphics, e.g.

IIS11.gif (17394 bytes)

To install perform the following:

  1. Log on to the IIS server as an Administrator
  2. Start the Internet Information Server Setup (Start - Programs - Microsoft Internet Server - Internet Information Server Setup)
  3. Click OK to the first dialog and then select Add/Remove
  4. Enter the location of the setup files and click OK (e.g. d:\i386\inetsrv if d: is your NT install CD-ROM)
  5. In the options shown select the "Internet Service Manager (HTML)" and click OK
  6. The installation will continue
  7. You should now reapply your service pack if you installed from the NT installation CD. If you have IE 4.0 installed you will get a warning, click Run Program, when prompted during the installation click "No to All" for replacing newer files. Finally once the machine has finished rebooting you should run the command
    regsvr32 rsabase.dll
    Click OK to the completion box

If your default file name is not default.htm you may have a few navigation problems, if you do just enter default.htm after any directory name.

Once you connect using a browser to the iisadmin area you may have to enter a username and password depending on the browser you use, and you can then perform actions to administer the site.

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