How big and where should my Pagefile be?

A. Below are things to consider.

  • Do not have 2 pagefiles on the same physical disk.
  • The pagefile should be size of memory +11MB (or 2.5 times size of SAM file, which ever is larger).
  • If possible have multiple page files on separate physical disks
  • There are some performance gains to be had by placing on a stripe set, however not as much as on separate disks.
  • Defragment disk pagefile is on
  • Try and make drive NTFS
  • Minimum pagefile size is 2MB

To enhance performance, one can create a second pagefile on another physical disk. MOVING, however, is never advised, since it disables the option to create a Memory dump file at a crash (System Properties, Startup-tab). In order to be able to dump the RAM content to the pagefile (saved i.e. as MEMORY.DMP), the pagefile MUST be located (as well) on the boot partition.

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