How-To: Activate Quick Add Notification for Microsoft To-Do App on Android


Microsoft's To-Do app, the successor to Wunderlist which the company acquired more than two years ago, has become my daily to do management app.

I use it across all of my Windows 10 devices, including desktop PCs, tablets, and Windows 10 Mobile. I also have it installed on the Samsung Galaxy S8 which goes everywhere with me. While I have read that some users have experienced sync issues between their various installs, since day one this app has worked exactly as advertised and expected for me.

My favorite feature is the daily review of what items I did not get accomplished by their indicated due date and the opportunity to add them back to My Day so they can once again be tracked for completion.

Well, the Android version of To-Do has just received an update that adds a very handy shortcut to the Notifications drop down menu and provides a shortcut for adding new to-do list items to the app.

Previously you had to open the app and start the addition of a to-do item then but this new shortcut, which is turned off by default after the update, gives you the ability to open a small app windows across your screen to add an item quickly.

The new feature, To-Do Quick Add, stays tucked away on the notification menu until you need it.

Check out the gallery for our walkthrough of activating the new feature on the Android version of Microsoft To-Do.


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