Hitachi Announces 300GB Enterprise Drive

   Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, the company formed by the combination of Hitachi's and IBM's storage technology businesses last year, has unveiled what it claims is the first enterprise hard drive to reach 300GB of storage capacity. The Ultrastar 10K300 is a 3.5", 10,000rpm hard drive that supports mission-critical features such as data analysis, media streaming, and online transaction processing (OLTP). The drive is shipping now in limited quantities; volume shipments will begin in second quarter 2004. The company expects storage vendors to use these large-capacity drives to provide customers with more powerful storage systems. The Ultrastar 10K300 will be available in 2GBbps Fibre Channel and Ultra 320 SCSI interfaces.
   The new drive is Hitachi Global Storage Technologies' first new product. The company has been able to reverse the market-loss trend that IBM's enterprise hard drive division experienced over the 2 years preceding the merger. Hitachi Global Storage Technologies reported an operating profit of $105 million for fourth quarter 2003. The company ended 2003 with $4.2 billion in revenue.

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