A Hearty Hello

Welcome to Scripting Pro VIP! You received this email newsletter because you subscribed to the Windows Scripting Solutions print newsletter, which has morphed into the online Scripting Pro VIP. We'll still bring you the same great content, but now it will be on the Web at the subscribers-only Scripting Pro VIP site. Unlike other articles and code you might find on the Web, the articles and code you'll find on the Scripting Pro VIP site go through extensive technical editing and testing.

Scripting Pro VIP represents a new approach to publishing. Our goal is to continue to provide you with tried-and-tested content provided by the most respected scripting experts. Plus, we want to add personal service to give you added value that you can't get anywhere else on the Web. For example, the Scripting Pro VIP site includes a subscribers-only "Ask the Editor" feature and a subscribers-only forum. You're the reason we exist, and we're always looking for new ways to serve you.

You'll get this email newsletter the first Wednesday of each month. It will let you know about the articles for that month. Beginning in February, this email newsletter will have a link to a .zip file that contains the previous month's articles in PDF format so that you can easily read and print them. In addition, the .zip file will include all the code for that month. For example, January's Scripting Pro VIP articles and code will appear with your February 7 email newsletter and February's Scripting Pro VIP articles and code will appear with your March 7 email newsletter.

If you've signed up for email or RSS notification, you'll get a notice each Wednesday that has a link to an article that's newly live on the Web site. Check out "Coming in January" below to see January's schedule of articles. Otherwise, you can visit the Scripting Pro VIP site at your leisure to see what's new. I hope you'll visit often to read a new article, research a topic in our archive of scripting articles, ask a question, or participate in the subscribers-only forum. In addition, I hope that you'll email me with any topics you'd like to see Scripting Pro VIP cover in the upcoming months. Help me make this new offering uniquely valuable to you and other subscribers.

—Karen Bemowski, Scripting Pro VIP Editor

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