Happy Thanksgiving from Windows IT Pro!

Happy Thanksgiving from Windows IT Pro!

That time of year is upon us, once again, where we attempt to push IT out of our minds for a few days and focus on what's truly important. But, it's hard. While we sit with family and friends, digging our way through a fat turkey and sticking our noses up at pickled beets, we are constantly aware of IT because of the smartphone in our pocket, or the tablet within arm's reach.

Some of us will be tasked at keeping a constant eye on the office's technologies to ensure those that simply can't shut off during the holidays have unfettered access to the company's business resources. But, unless there's a major disruption, try something for me this holiday, will you?

Promise yourself that you'll enjoy the holiday and make the best of spending a few thankful moments with loved ones. Turn off the smartphone's ringer and stick it in your sock drawer, beneath that collection of foot-shaped, sound-muffling cotton, wool, polyester or nylon. Take the tablet and put it in that place where it's unreachable and near forgettable.

Promise that you'll set a goal to be IT-free for at least 4-5 hours during your time off. Some of you may get antsy and it may feel uncomfortable, but it'll do your body and mind good to have some release from the pressures that technology brings, unawares.

I've spent a good portion of my life tied to one piece of technology or another, and all the while I was missing out. Granted, I can't eliminate technology completely from my life – it's how I make a living – but, getting a few moments alone, away from the electronic lights and sounds here-and-there gives me time to realize there's an actual world around me that is very good. I've lost a few loved ones over the past couple years that were very instrumental in my life and very much a part of my holiday experience. With them gone now, I wish I would've taken time to live more in the moment and allow deeper memories to be shaped. It is what it is, but seriously, if you have the ability to unplug during this holiday season, do it.

At Windows IT Pro we are grateful and thankful for all of you and wish all US-based readers a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

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