Google's Quickoffice is Now Free for Android and iOS

Google's Quickoffice is Now Free for Android and iOS

Acquired by Google last year, Quickoffice has since become tightly integrated with many of the company's Cloud offerings, including Google Drive. This gives users the benefits of being able to create and edit Microsoft Office documents.

On Thursday, Google announced that the Quickoffice app is now free for users of Android and iOS devices. Once, a pretty pricey app, this provides a lot of value for those needing basic functions for the two most popular devices.

Microsoft's own Office app for mobile devices, Office Mobile for Office 365, requires a valid Office 365 subscription, making it a lot more expensive than free - obviously. However, Microsoft's version provides more features, better integration, and takes advantage of the Office 365 subscription benefits.

Quickoffice requires a Google account which gives you access to 15GB free storage on Google Drive.

Download for Android: Quickoffice for Android

Download for iOS: Quickoffice for iOS


For comparison: Office Mobile for Office 365 for Android


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