GFI Offers WebMonitor for ISA Server as Freeware

GFI announced that it has released its WebMonitor product (formerly known as GFI Real Time Monitor) as freeware. WebMonitor works with Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2000 to monitor all current and recent HTTP and FTP connections that are active through the server. Administrators can use WebMonitor to monitor users' Internet activities and bandwidth usage.

A spokesperson for GFI said, "Because GFI WebMonitor provides 'snapshots' of all users' Web access, those who access sites that are prohibited by corporate security policy can be caught red-handed. GFI WebMonitor therefore serves as a deterrent to abusive Internet use at the workplace, saving companies the expense of acquiring an Internet access control product and preventing the hassles involved with updating databases of undesirable URLs."

GFI said WebMonitor installs as an ISA Server Web filter, and all administrators that can authenticate to a given ISA Server can access the WebMonitor tool. You can download WebMonitor from the company's Web site.

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