Getting more Studs in Lego Star Wars

How can I give myself more studs (i.e., money) in Lego Star Wars?

A. Although this topic doesn't appeal to everyone, it does require some understanding of computers so I thought we'd look at it. Lego Star Wars stores the number of studs in two files-- code.bin and lsw.bin--in folder C:\Program Files\Giant\LEGO Star Wars Game\lsw_0\\. Before doing anything, back up these files by performing these steps:

  1. Open code.bin in a hex editor (e.g., UltraEdit) and switch to hex mode (Ctrl + H).
  2. Make a note of the current number of studs and convert that number to decimal. For example, I had C2 1A 00 00 which for humans is read 1A C2 (hex is read right to left for each byte) which, is 6850.
  3. Change the value in this file to the number of studs that you want in hex (e.g. 1,000,000,000 is 3B 9A CA 00 in hex and is entered right to left, as the figure shows.
  4. Save the file.
  5. Now open lsw.bin. This file contains all progress, unlocked characters, and so forth, and we again need to change the number of studs. It also has a checksum that you'll need to update. At byte 0x204 is the number of studs (at the end of the file); it should match the number originally in code.bin. Change this to the same desired value (e.g. 00 CA 9A 3B) as the figure shows.
  6. The last four bytes of the file is the checksum (which is to ensure you don't edit the file) starting at 0x210. We need to increase this value by the number of studs we added. Currently my checksum was C6 00 46 57, which is 57 46 00 C6 and in decimal is 1464205510. Originally, I had 6850 studs and increased that number to 1000000000, which is a difference of 999993150. 999993150 and 1464205510 is 2464198660, and converted back to hex is 92E0B004, which in the file is written as 04 B0 E0 92, as the figure shows.
  7. Save the file

Restart the game and you should now have enough studs to buy anything in the game. Not that I condone this kind of cheating, but when your 5-year-old son is insisting that he needs 200,000 to buy the General Grievous and Janga Fett, your morals go out the window.

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