Getting Files from a Temporary Expansion Folder

Q. I'm installing an application that expands files temporarily and then executes. I want to grab files from the temporary expansion folder but how do I find it?

A. I recently had a situation in which I needed the print drivers for an HP printer for a print server, but I didn’t want to actually install the application on my server. To solve the problem, I performed these steps:

  1. Execute the install program, which will usually show it expanding files and then opens a dialog box that prompts you to click Next to continue. Don't click Next.
  2. Start Task Manager and select the Applications tab.
  3. Right-click Install application, and select Go To Process.
  4. The Processes tab will open with the process for the Application selected. Right-click the selected process and select Open File Location.
  5. Explorer will now open at the folder for the installation process so you can find the desired files.
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