Get Foolish

Don't worry if you've noticed that things look a little silly in some of the April articles. It's not you—it's us! You've likely stumbled upon this Web page because you have been April fooled. >

In celebration of April Fool's day, we included some foolery throughout the April 2008 print issue. Readers who spotted what was different could participate in our extremely fun "Get Foolish--And WIN" contest--with a prize of a VIP subscription. But I didn't want our online friends to miss out on the fun!

Check out the rest of the April 2008 articles, and see if you can tell fact from fiction. And for more information about how you can join in future contests, contact me at [email protected]

Congratulations to Our Winners!
We received a great response from readers for our first April Fool's contest. Thanks to all who participated! If you're interested in seeing a contest like this next year, let us know! You might want to call on the following readers for search tips:

--Dave Bartholomew, senior applications systems coordinator for California State University, East Bay
--Ed Braiter, network administrator
--Jeffery J. Hellnick, SQL Consultant for COMSYS
--Dimitrios Kalemis, systems engineer
--Eric Maynard, IT officer for Rolling Hills Bank & Trust
--Jocelyn Wu, database administrator for Teligence

April Foolery Found
Here's the silliness we planted in both print magazines:

Windows IT Pro:
pg. 4--Your "Psychic" Assistant title, picture, and bio
pg. 7--"The Next Wave of Microsoft Virtualization"
pg. 8--"Know-It-Alls" and changed names on the masthead
pg. 10--Old Windows NT cover
pg. 16--"An Alternative to Windows Vista"
pg. 19--"Automate and Simplify Windows Server 2008"
pg. 25--Todd Erickson's photo and bio
pg. 26--Todd Erickson's photo and bio (again)
pg. 45--Folio reads "We REALLY Like You" instead of "We're in IT with You"
pg. 65--"Updating your old hardware" Q&A
pg. 67--Michael Otey's bio
pg. 77--"Internet Search" by B.Cates
pg. 80--All screenshots

SQL Server Magazine:
pg. 5--"The Hitchhiker's Guide to Building Cosmic Applications", "Red-Pencil-Pushers", and changed names on the masthead
pg. 7--Michael Otey's bio
pg. 8--Lottery query
pg. 12--Michael Otey's bio picture
pg. 17--Hidden message in graphic (which was misspelled!)
pg. 40--Megan Bearly's photo in Editor's Tip
pg. 46--Jeff James's photo in Editor's Tip and "Flexible Product Release Management
pg. 48--Your Hairy Assistant's pic (it's actually my sweet dog with my terrible haircut) and bio

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