Get 3 Months Free if You’re a New Groove Subscriber

Get 3 Months Free if You’re a New Groove Subscriber

Groove is a pretty nifty music service that’s ad-free and has a catalog of over 40 million songs you can listen to offline. But, because many people are still slave to iTunes or have long been addicted to Spotify, and even though its built into Windows 10, Groove rarely gets a mention. And, when it does get a mention, it’s usually due to the horrid experience on Android smartphones.

Nonetheless, Microsoft is holding a new subscriber drive until August 17, 2016. This promotion offers new subscribers 3 months free after they pay a $9.99 first-month charge up front. This is actually a pretty good deal because you’re essentially paying $9.99 for 4 months of access to a pretty enormous catalog. If you don’t like Groove in 4 months, just cancel.

Groove provides compatible client software for Windows 10 PCs, Xbox, Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, and SONOS, and also offers a web-based streaming client.

Check out the 3-month deal:

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