Get $200 for Your Old iPad at a Microsoft Store

Get $200 for Your Old iPad at a Microsoft Store

Expiring on October 27, 2013, Microsoft is now offering a deal where you can stop by a select Microsoft retail store, hand them your old iPad, and they'll give you a $200 gift card to be redeemed in the store. Obviously, Microsoft wants to entice customers to check out and eventually grab a Surface tablet as a replacement, but the gift card can be used for anything in the store.

I know a lot of you have multiple iPads, upgrading to the newer versions when Apple releases them, with the older models gathering dust in a drawer somewhere. This is one time, I guess, where it pays to have stocked up and hoarded the old Apple technology. The deal is limited to 1 per customer, so if you have a few older iPads you might consider giving (or selling) one to a friend so they can take advantage of the deal. Thinking about it, you could sell one of your old iPads to someone else for $50, and they'd still get a good deal and be able to participate. Don't have an iPad to use? I'm sure your boss would take $50 for that old iPad sitting in his credenza.

To see if a Microsoft store location near you is participating in the deal, jump out the following link and choose the dropdown box under "Find deals near you."


I see a store close to me is participating, but alas, I have never purchased an iPad. I've played with them, used them, even made fun of them quite frequently, but never actually owned one.

The deal's details suggests that the iPads used for trade-in must be "gently used," include the power cord, not be password protected, and they must be either an iPad 2, 3, or 4. 

With the Christmas holidays so close (yes – this year has flown by), your old iPad investments could yield huge smiles on Christmas morning.

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