Gartner Trend Predictions for 2015

Gartner Trend Predictions for 2015

Once a year or so, Gartner will release a list of technologies the research firm believes will have the greatest market impact in the near future. Gartner is not perfect, but really no research firm is. The industry changes so quickly. Gartner, though, is respected by businesses and many companies have consumed Gartner's research material like its law.

So, while you may not agree completely, and some of the pieces will definitely fail to pan out, it's still a good practice to identify areas in Gartner's lists that could, potentially, have an effect on your business' technology in the future. Most times, the lists are littered with industry buzzwords that have not exactly coalesced into solid technologies yet, but despite what form they eventually take, the technologies will exist eventually, and we'll all need to address them when they do.

Here's Gartner's top 10 trends list for 2015:

  • Computing Everywhere – wearables and mobile devices top the list, but Gartner also suggests that this goes beyond simple devices.
  • Internet of Things – IoT – IoT is the current big buzzword and represents the introduction of Internet connected devices in all walks of life.
  • 3D Printing – Gartner believes this will be big. HP has promised focus on this area, which could make it a market reality.
  • Analytics – Analytics is huge already, but Gartner has stamped this as "advanced, pervasive, and invisible," meaning it will be commonplace and integrated into everything.
  • Context-Rich Systems – This is one area that seems a bit far-fetched right now, but relates to how computing evolves instantaneously to respond to the user experience.
  • Smart Machines – Gartner believes this could be the most disruptive technology in the history of IT and represents huge gains in autonomous vehicles, robots, and personal assistants, among others.
  • Cloud/Client Computing – Gartner suggests that client computing and the Cloud will converge into an all-encompassing computing platform.
  • Software-Defined Applications and Infrastructure – Software rules the day, and this is really no different than has been shown for the past 30 years. But, Gartner believes that this area is maturing and will become more important in 2015.
  • Web-scale IT – Scalability, elasticity, DevOps – all the things that make the Cloud a powerful destination will be applied to Enterprise datacenters and become commonplace.
  • Risk-Based Security Self-Protection – Gartner suggests that self-aware and self-protecting applications will improve in 2015. Security is the key to a purely digital future.

Read the full text: Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2015

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