Gadget Tip: Investing in AmazonBasics Products

Gadget Tip: Investing in AmazonBasics Products

Like many of you, I’ve known this for a long time, but I re-relaized recently how valuable it is to keep in mind. I was searching for a USB charging hub recently that had an integrated USB Type C port to accommodate my Lumia 950. I settled on the Anker 5-Port USB/USB-C Wall Charger which sports 1 USB Type C charging port, along with 4 regular USB ports, but the list of “customers who bought his item also bought” reminded me that I don’t often complete my research before pulling the purchase trigger. If I had this time, I would’ve found an AmazonBasics USB charger at a better price. That’s OK this time, though, as just about any Anker product receives rave reviews.

After I completed my Anker purchase I started looking around the AmazonBasics line of peripherals and other products. It seems Amazon has dipped into self-branding just about everything. I even found Amazon is selling puppy training pads of all things. It seems the company knows no bounds and I was happy to find that it even sells its own 48-pack of AA batteries. I snagged those without thinking. The kids go through AA batteries like a mole through dirt.

AmazonBasics covers a lot of area that might surprise you. Here’s a page that provides a general overview of the AmazonBasics categories:

But, we’re geeks here. What does AmazonBasics offer for us? I’m not sure what Amazon’s strategy is with what the company decides is worthy for self-branding or not, but there’s a lot of general goodness in the technology peripherals categories – and most times, at some pretty significant savings. And, I’ve never bought an AmazonBasics product that wasn’t good quality.

Here’s some examples of things I’ve bought in the past by other manufacturers that AmazonBasics provides at a much better price:

This is just a taste of what you’ll find in the AmazonBasics category. If you’re not already a fan, you should be. And, if you’ve experienced AmazonBasics products before, don’t forget they’re always an option.

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