Frequently Asked Questions About Quotas

How do backups and restores affect quotas?

Windows NT 5.0's built-in backup utility supports backups of quota information. Major commercial backup products will probably also support backups of quota data. In regard to how quotas will affect restores, if the user performing the restore operation has the correct backup privileges, restoring a file from a backup will always override quota limits.

How does file compression affect quotas?

Windows NT ignores compression when calculating disk-space usage. NT uses the size of the uncompressed file in its calculations so that users can always uncompress their files, even if they are over their quota limit.

How does the Recycle Bin affect quotas?

If a user deletes numerous files to get below the quota limit but then forgets to recycle them, Windows NT will count those files against the user's quota limit because the user is still the deleted files' registered owner. Users must recycle their deleted files to clear their quota of the files' disk-space usage.

Can users create anything if they're at their quota limit?

Users can always create directories. Windows NT never counts directories against a quota limit.

What extra options will be available in the final release of Windows NT 5.0?

The NT 5.0 final release will include policies for widescale remote management of disk quotas. It will also include improved support for finding all the files a user owns.

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