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Free Tool of the Week: Dexpot

dexpot-multiple-desktops At work—in fact, on the system I'm typing on right now—I use two monitors. I find that the extra real estate drastically improves productivity when I'm, for example, entering text from a Microsoft Word document into a web tool or moving data from one spreadsheet to another. I just drag items from left to right. If a journalist finds that kind of capability helpful, I imagine it's exponentially so for IT administrators.

But perhaps you don't have access to or resources for additional monitors. What's the solution? How about virtual desktop software? Even better, how about free virtual desktop software? Dexpot is a solution that lets you open more than one desktop at a time on your screen so that you can have multiple open windows. The tool also lets you easily toggle between the separate desktops for full-screen viewing.

Dexpot lets you have as many as 20 virtual desktops open simultaneously on your screen. You can use the Full Screen Preview to view all desktops and open windows in full screen, and you can use the Ctrl and number keys to quickly switch from one desktop to another. Desktop Preview displays a small popup preview in which you can get a snapshot of all your open desktops, and Desktop Slideshow displays a virtual-desktop slideshow. You can even configure hotkeys to customize Dexpot for your needs.

Check it out! It's simple to set up and use, and it does a great job of ridding your screen of clutter. For more information, check out the Dexpot website.

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