FIX AVAILABLE: New Microsoft Health Update Brings Notification Configuration Bug for Some

FIX AVAILABLE: New Microsoft Health Update Brings Notification Configuration Bug for Some

UPDATE W/FIX: Thanks to commenter, icthusman1, this can be fixed by uninstalling the Microsoft Health app and then reinstalling it from the Windows store. With the new Facebook social features, though, every time you reinstall the Microsoft Health app you have to reconnect to Facebook to get your friends list, leaderboard, and challenges.

Several are reporting today that the Microsoft Health app was updated overnight. And while that’s true, I was going to skip writing a blog post just to announce a new app update. That seems sort of worthless to me. However, after digging into this latest update, there’s more there than I see anyone else reporting on. And, there’s at least one big bug you should be aware of that will cause Microsoft Band owners a bit of extra work after the update has installed.

In the last update (the one that delivered at the first of this month) Microsoft brought more granular notification configuration to the Health app. This allows Band owners to be very selective with the apps they want to be notified about on their Microsoft Band screen. Read about that feature here: Customizing App Notifications for Microsoft Band.

However, in this latest update, a bigger bug is present – at least on Windows Mobile. When you go to “Manage Tiles” you’ll be presented with a slew of warning messages about needing to enable notifications for the Microsoft Health app globally. Unfortunately, this option is not actually available. And, because you can’t turn it on globally, those special Notification options introduced earlier this month are no longer available. One step forward, two steps back.

Some have reported that this problem has affected them since the earlier April update, however, the new Notification features worked fine for me until today’s Health app update. But, now I'm also noticing that Notifications to the Band have stopped working altogether.

Additionally, if you're patient enough to tap through the myriad Notification notifications, you'll see that many of the default tiles now exist in the "add-on tile" area and the Notification tile no longer has an edit option.

How about you? Are you experiencing this bug? Did you experience it before?

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