Finding Halo Goodness Outside of Halo 3

If you're not a console gamer and have no intention of being one, fear not, as it's still possible to get the Halo fix. The original Halo is available for both the PC and Mac, and Halo 2 this year shipped for the PC, although it's compatible only with Windows Vista. Both are still great games, and both offer decent multiplayer opportunities, even now, years after release. And heck, there are even a number of Halo-based fiction titles available in paperback if you're that much of a geek. (You know who you are.)

Console gamers: If you're interested in the Halo universe but don't amount to much in a typical deathmatch—fear not, no one's perfect—you might be interested in the upcoming Halo Wars, an Xbox 360-based real-time strategy title that takes place 20 years before the events of the original Halo. Xbox 360 gamers might also want to check out Marathon: Durandal, a cult classic DOOM-era Bungie title that first shipped for the Mac many moons ago: It's available for download via Xbox Live and costs just $10.

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